Bowls Plus Magazine

Lawn Bowling Magazine

Bowls Plus Magazines are glossy, upmarket magazines covering all facets of the bowling community with separate publications in Queensland, NSW and South Australia. Magazines include:

  • Bowling news 
  • Lifestyle articles
  • Health updates
  • Travel 
  • History
  • Giveaways and deals

Packed with great features along with bowling club news

Bowls Plus magazines are packed with features including travel, well-being, health and retirement along with general news and articles for the over-50s market. The magazines are delivered free to bowling clubs, libraries, retirement centres and doctors' waiting rooms in Queensland, and bowling clubs in NSW and South Australia.

Bowling clubs have been an integral part of Australia's sporting and social fabric for many years. Bowling is an enjoyable, healthy, accessible and affordable sport of skill that can be enjoyed by all ages. Local bowling clubs have been quick to ensure that the social side of the game is matching up to the skilled sport. Clubs have become favourite meeting places for people from all walks of life to get together in friendly environments, not only for a game of bowls - but also to enjoy great low priced meals, as well as the many other services and facilities the wonderful clubs in Australia offer.

Events and results

Visit Lawn Bowls News for updates on lawn bowling events and results