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January 17, 2017
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February 24, 2017

Bionic Bowler update

This month I will discuss, to quote: “one on the most cunning, dishonest, sneaky and devious” aids for bowlers! Naturally, I am describing the Bowling Arm!

Hopefully, I have your attention now?

One senior and experienced Coach was heard to voice; “never call an Arm a cheating stick”! Unfortunately, for those of us who understand the human brain, it cannot process or retain a negative – it only processes positive words and thoughts. (Neuro-linguistic programming). Having used a Bionic Arm for two years, I think I have experienced most of the negative comments from my fellow non-arm bowlers.

I would strongly urge any bowler who truly believes that the Arm gives its user an “advantage” to take the time to chat to Arm bowlers in their Club. They will be amazed at how many Arm bowlers overcome serious injuries (titanium steel rods through their back and limbs) and other debilitating chronic medical conditions. The Arm allows them to take up bowls as a sport or continue their enjoyment of bowls, as their physical condition deteriorates and age takes its toll.

On a recent Coaching Course, Bowls Queensland revealed they are on average receiving 10+ requests each week for Arm approvals, which naturally require the bowler’s doctor to support their application. With our ageing population and desire to ensure that bowls is an inclusive sport, our attitudes to the Arm must change. We should acknowledge and embrace it as an aid to bowling, which will sustain membership and encourage new bowlers who suffer from a disability to give bowls a real go. Clubs and members must support this.

Suggested Arm bowlers’ responses to ill-informed comments:

  1. Ignore it as you would any comment generated through ignorance.
  2. Ask them to talk with Arm bowlers to understand how their medical conditions would stop them from bowling, if it were not for the Arm.
  3. Challenge them to roll up for at least 30 minutes using the Arm. Ideally for longer in a practice game. If they are honest, they will acknowledge that the Arm has as many challenges (line, length/weight and control/release point) as the human arm.
  4. If appropriate, use humour and confirm that to make it an even contest, you have switched off all laser sighting and radio controls in the Arm!

“I’m sorry, if you were right, I would agree with you” – Robin Williams.

The Bionic Bowler

Bionic Bowler

The Bionic Bowler with Karen Murphy and Aron Sherriff at Pine Rivers BC

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