June 11, 2020
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June 17, 2020

15 way to get your Bowls fix

The Coronavirus will continue to keep our lives on hold until at least June, this will force most of us to stay home, but we can still go some way towards getting our lawn bowls fix.

We’ve put together a list of 15 things to do to help scratch that bowls itch for the time we’re away from the greens.

Tip 1:

Roll up virtually – Available on both iPhone and Android operating systems, ‘Virtual Lawn Bowls’ is a free to play video game for your mobile phone. The game allows you to play against a simulated opponent or online against real-life opponents if you think you have the skills to win.

Tip 2:

Watch bowls films – Mick Molloy’s
hit 2002 comedy ‘Crackerjack’ is still good for a few laughs if you’re looking
for something to watch. The 2003 film ‘Blackball’ is another bowls based comedy film and stars Paul Kaye, Johnny Vegas and Vince Vaughn, it was never going
to receive an Oscar nomination, but if you’re after some cheap laughs it is worth a watch.

Tip 3:

Come up with some bowls jokes – Why not think of a few bowls based side splitters to share on social media!

Tip 4:

Watch match replays and highlights – YouTube is a good source for full-length games, Bowls Australia’s website is another place for highlights and matches and is well worth visiting if you are on the hunt for bowls content.

Tip 5:

Keep engaged on social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all great to check out how other players are passing the time and keeping fit.

Tip 6:

Read bowls books – Some great reads
are Ian Schuback’s ‘Bowls: Biased + Uncensored’, Barry Salter & John Bliss’s ‘The A to Zen of Lawn Bowls’ and Rolled Gold: The Kelvin Kerkow Story.

Tip 7:

Create some bowls poetry – Why not try your hand at some witty bowls based poetry to entertain your mates.

Tip 8:

Listen to some bowls podcasts – There are a couple of great podcasts to listen to, Big Jimmy Anderson’s podcast has had many guests including Rob Parella, Kelsey Cottrell and Shannon Mcilroy and is well worth a listen. BA’s Without Bias radio program is available on the Bowls Australia website and has interviewed some of the best bowlers in the country, they share some insights into the sport as well as some fun anecdotes.

Tip 9:

Watch the bowls show – SBS’s ‘The Bowls Show’ regularly features some of the biggest names in the sport. With regular segments on coaching, development, officiating, high performance, and social bowls all incorporated in the program, it is a must-watch for bowls fanatics.

Tip 10:

Create your fantasy team – Who would you pick for your ultimate fours team? Draft your fantasy team and compare it to your friends to see who would come out on top in an imaginary bout.

Tip 11:

Experiment with trick shots – Take part in Bowls Australia’s Trick Shot Challenge, there have been some great shots sent
in already, see if you have the creativity and skill to devise the ultimate trick shot! Check out some of the great entries already submitted on BA’s Facebook page.

Tip 12:

Study the game – Study the laws of the game to become an expert, while we all would like to think we are already experts, brushing up on our knowledge of the game can never hurt.

Tip 13:

Transform your garden into a green – If you have the space available, you could turn your garden into your own private top tier green.

Tip 14:

Organise your medals – Do you have trophies and medals lying about in an old box somewhere? Why not rearrange your awards in a trophy cabinet so you can proudly display your achievements!

Tip 15:

Support your local bowls business – Have you been thinking about getting a new bowls bag, some new shows or getting your bowls tested? Now is the time to do it! Small businesses will be doing it tough with reduced trade due to the bowls clubs being closed, support your local bowls business and take advantage of some of the great online deals.

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