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A Green for all seasons

Working on Myponga's new green

Rain can no longer wash away the game at Myponga after the club welcomed their new green this year.

The beachside area averages 757.2mm of rain annually, 200mm more than the national average, which meant the club often had difficulty getting their turf green ready for competition season.

Ready for Pennant

Project Manager Annette Atkinson said that moving on from their turf green to the new GreenGauge woven synthetic has made sure they’re ready for Pennant season.

“We used to have to transfer our first games because our greens weren’t ready,” she said.

“Then go to our away club so we could play a match.

“We haven’t had to do that at all this year.”

It took five applications to improve the green but Annette was overjoyed when it went through.


Starting construction in May this year laying down the gravel base work halted mid-year to account for the rainy season. The Victorian workers from GreenGauge then needed a 12-day stretch of dry weather to lay the carpet. In August the $223,000 project was finished.

Ms Atkinson said that the synthetic green is a bit quicker than turf and maintenance is no longer as arduous.

Previously with the turf green, they needed six people on duty for three days a week to maintain the lawn.

The workforce

With their main greenkeeper being 79-years-old and retired farmers making up the rest of the team, the lightened workload is a gift.

Now maintenance is as simple as a vacuum and adding every three months, to keep the green sustained.

Members have had three months to adjust to the new green. It takes time but it means they get to play all year round.

“With carpet you can start playing, and if it rains for 20 minutes, you can stop then just go back out and play,” Annette said.

After many years and multiple denied applications, Myponga finally has a green they can play on all year long.

“They can play at any time as long as it’s not dark.”

By Justin Sayson

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