With over 602,000 bowlers in Australia, bowling clubs have become an integral part of Australia's sporting community.

Lawn bowling is popular with players of all ages, with people realising that bowling is an enjoyable, healthy and affordable sport. Local bowling clubs have been quick to ensure the social side of the game matches the activity. Clubs are favourite meeting places for people from all walks of life to gather in a friendly environment, not only for a game of bowls but to also enjoy the great, low-priced meals and facilities offered.

You can gain access to the Australia’s largest area of self-funded retirees with our specialist distribution channels. Bowls Plus magazines are full colour, expertly designed magazines distributed free of charge electronically to bowling clubs across Australia and in print to paying individual subscribers.

The Strategic Plan vision for bowls in Australia is: Bowls - The sport for life. Bowl Plus magazines support this vision. Each Bowls Plus issue is filled with exciting bowling news, health information, fun quizzes and competitions, travel and general lifestyle stories.

We also encourage submissions from local bowling clubs, club news, humorous anecdotes and photos. We are not restricted by a governing body and do not receive association fees. The magazine is kept FREE of charge by advertisers who support us and our vision for lawn bowling in Australia. By not being associated with any governing body, we can remain objective and ensure that balanced bowling reporting occurs. Operating for nine years, Bowls Plus is a hit with regular advertisers, enthusiastic readers and operational staff at clubs. Since a change of ownership in early 2017, Bowls Plus has developed into a credible source of news for bowlers and a reliable avenue of promotion for advertisers.



  • Full page 190mm wide x 275mm high (without bleed) 220mm wide x 303mm high (includes 5mm bleed all sides)
  • 1/2 page 190mm wide x 134mm high (horizontal) 93mm wide x 275mm high (vertical)
  • Full page advertorial max 600 words with images or 800 words no images
  • Half page advertorial max 300 words with images or 400 words no images
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  • NATIONAL Bimonthly Publication
  • Issue Feb/Mar Deadline 15 Jan
  • Issue Apr/May Deadline 15 Mar
  • Issue Jun/Jul Deadline 15 May
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  • Issue Oct/Nov Deadline 15 Sep
  • Issue Dec/Jan Deadline 15 Nov