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February 7, 2018
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NEW Hybrid Bowls being played in South Africa


B20 Hybrid bowlsB20 hybrid Cricket Bowls is based on the two bowls Trips format but with a lot more fun and excitement. Each club has its own set of similar rules. This new hybrid game of B20 Cricket Bowls was started on the East Rand of Johannesburg- Gauteng, South Africa by two lawn bowls players, Tony Norris and Ian Stevenson. Tony and Ian thought the new game would be a good introduction and have the potential to develop interest amongst younger and non- playing lawn bowls players. The game has caught on quickly and is now played by many bowls clubs throughout South Africa.

At Bryanston Sports Bowls Club, weintroduced this hybrid game to our members and social players and it has taken off with great enthusiasm. We want to start a corporate league for business in the area, where they can also have team building days at the club.

Each team is made up of three players having two bowls each, consisting of two front ranks and one team captain and can be played over as many overs as the team wants, but the average hybrid bowls game would be 10

overs. The game is played on a rink which is setup with one end on the 2-metre mark, which is a shade cloth mat marked with various sized, coloured circles for scoring runs 6,4,2,1 (see photo) for when teams are ‘batting’ for runs score. At the other end, at the 2-metre mark, there is a set of suspended pivoting wickets for when the teams are ‘bowling’ to take wickets. Each time a bowl touches the stumps without going out of play, a wicket is taken and you deduct 4 points off the other team’s batting score. One batting and bowling end makes an over.

See p22 in the Feb/Mar 18 edition of Bowls Plus to read more.

Note: Enquiries with regard to B20 Cricket Bowls may be addressed to Bruce Dinwoodie at Bruce is the Australian rep for B20 cricket bowls.

Article: Ant Mayston, Bryanston Sports Bowls Development & Marketing.
Images: Permission granted by Sandton Chronicle newspaper and Nicholas Zaal


  1. Ross Howard says:

    could you send me the specifications for mat size and wickets please? Very interested

  2. Bob Allison says:

    Where can I get a bryanston sports bowls mat ?to play B20 Cricket Bowls

  3. Bruce Dinwoodie says:

    Enquiries with regard to B20 Cricket Bowls may be addressed to , attention Bruce Dinwoodie.

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