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August 13, 2018
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Blayney and Newstead amalgamation to go ahead

Board members of both the Blayney Bowling Club and Newstead Bowling Club say the planned amalgamation of the two clubs will still happen.

There were rumours the Blayney club pulled out of the deal which were picked up by the Blayney Chronicle with one version insisting that the Blayney club owes the Newstead club $150,000 and that the Newstead club wants it back.

“That’s totally wrong,” the chairman of the Newstead Bowling Club, Gary Norton, told the Blayney Chronicle.

The treasurer of Blayney Bowling Club, Dane Hamilton, confirmed Norton’s statement.

“It’s certainly still going ahead,” Mr Hamilton said.

“It is taking longer than expected and I suspect that some people just think it’s not happening at all, and that’s when the Chinese whispers start.”

The main rumour circulating had been around Newstead’s future plans.

“I’ve heard that once the amalgamation occurs Newstead will sell the site, and that just quite simply cannot happen because under the Club’s Act there are protections that are put in place,” Norton told the Chronicle.

“We’re actually going to be working on a plan for some redecorating, some refurbishments and simply move towards getting the premises into a more up-to-date fashion.”
Hamilton was positive about the future.

“When it comes to the club game many of these rumours come from people who have no association with either of the clubs and they will throw rumours around trying to undermine and upset the process,” he said.

“I’ve heard all sorts of rumours and innuendo, some could be described as libel.”

“There are some people who undoubtedly think that it shouldn’t go ahead and think that Blayney should go it alone, but the reality of that is that the Blayney club isn’t in a position to stand alone.”

​While the amalgamation is still on track, the name of the new combined club is yet to be decided.

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