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February 2, 2018
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February 8, 2018

Significant drop in opposition to Bowling Arms

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Arm Bowlers at North Mackay Bowls Club before Club Social Game.

The Bionic Bowler reports that as we head into another year, he is pleased to see and sense a significant drop in the “opposition” towards the Bowling Arm…

This is common sense and a fair-minded approach to a device that allows thousands of older and physically disabled bowlers to continue in their beloved sport.

As a late entrant to the sport, I am so glad my experienced Coach at Pine Rivers in Brisbane recognised my physical limitations very early and recommended that I start playing with an Arm. His rationale was I would never last a 3-hour game of bowls without an Arm to save the constant bending and crouching and the pain I encountered due to my medically diagnosed osteoarthritis.

This early decision in my career allowed me to trial the different types of Arms and eventually deciding on an arm that suited me best. Many Arm bowlers find that some particular types of Arms suit their game and physical limitations, so it’s worth trying a few different Arms before deciding on one.

My current club at North Mackay (NMBC) in central Queensland and close to the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, has a high percentage of both male and female Arm bowlers. We are extremely lucky and have 16 fully covered carpet rinks, which allows constant bowls throughout the year come rain or sunshine.

We are about to form a Branch of the Maroon Arm Bowlers Association (MABA) here in Mackay. As a founding member of MABA while in Brisbane, I am being encouraged (read into that hassled!) to form this North Queensland Branch in 2018. Our surrounding Clubs also have many Arm bowlers and I believe we will provide extremely competent and challenging competition for our southern counterparts! Watch out S.E. Queensland and Australia.

To finish on a seasonal note, I wish to extend a very warm welcome to our fellow Arm bowlers in Queensland and especially to the “travellers” and friends who venture north in winter from NSW, VIC, SA, to experience our club’s hospitality, the true blue waters of our Pioneer River and our pristine beaches sprinkled with the Whitsunday Islands. Yes, we have all that and great Bowls Clubs and serious Arm bowlers.


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