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March 24, 2020
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But lawn bowls can’t hurt me!

We all know that lawn bowls can be strenuous – who has played bowls all day under the beating sun? Talk about stamina! Bowls is fun, available to all and generally safe. However, while many bowlers are competitive and play in club championships and other tournaments, social bowls has seen the number of casual bowlers increase, which opens up the possibility of more people getting hurt. Bowls may seem to be a laid-back, slow-moving game to outsiders, but despite the sport being non-contact, injuries can and do occur.
Did you know that in 2006, according to Sports Medicine Australia, 37 people were admitted to hospitals while 8 people visit- ed emergency departments for lawn bowls related injuries (in the state of Victoria alone)?
It pays to be careful as injuries include falls, overexertion, repetitive bowling movements and being struck by a bowl. Falls can happen when a player either falls backwards over a bowl; steps forward over the ditch, rather than sideways when crossing onto the green; or delivers a bowl with incorrect balance.
Simple ways to keep yourself safe on the green:

  • Prepare yourself by warming up and stretching.
  • Use non-slip bowling mats (usually, these are fit-for-purpose mats supplied by the club – if the club doesn’t offer these, then ask).
  • Stay in the shade between playing your turn as much as possible. Keep hydrated and make sure that you wear a hat, sun-glasses and sunblock to protect your skin.
  • Keep yourself and new bowlers safe by following your state or region’s Extreme Weather Policy.

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