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February 24, 2017
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February 25, 2017

Clubs closing – Who’s next on the Sunshine Coast?

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Clubs closing – just a rumour? We hope so!

Six Sunny Coast Bowls Clubs have closed in just as many years since 2011 and, if you believe the rumours and local press, Pacific Paradise could be next on the list of clubs closing.

We need to stop the bleeding in our great sport. Questions need to be asked – why has it happened in the past and why is it continuing to happen? Bad management by Club Committees and Boards of Management usually cops the blame. But let’s face it, we as members must also accept some responsibility.

Ask those questions before it’s too late

We have ample opportunity to see how our club is performing, by reading the monthly minutes of meetings and financial reports. The financial reports, particularly the balance sheet, will clearly show the clubs position especially in relation to current level of debt. And if there are any alarming signs members should through the club constitution and insist that the Committee/Board call a Special General Meeting of Members. This is the forum for members to have their say and get answers to their questions before it is too late!

Not so long ago the Donnybrook and Bongaree Bowls Clubs entered into arrangements with their local RSL Club – so they can survive!

The competition is fierce amongst the Surf clubs, RSL Clubs, Sports Clubs, Golf Clubs and Bowls Clubs. On the Sunshine Coast alone between Caloundra and Cooroy there are over seventy clubs and that does not include any of the restaurants. Forget about competing with the Industry Giants and focus on being a bowls club.

Article: Jack Hi

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