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April 6, 2018
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April 6, 2018

The Comm Games team

Jackaroos (pic: Bowls Australia)

Australia has joined more than 6,600 athletes and team officials from 70 nations and territories converging on the Gold Coast for the twenty-first edition of the Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games have been conducted by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) every four years (except for 1942 and 1946 due to World War II) since the first British Empire Games were held in Hamilton, Canada in 1930.

This will be the fifth time Australia has staged the Commonwealth Games following Sydney (1938), Perth (1962), Brisbane (1982) and Melbourne (2006) which makes Australia the nation to have hosted the most number of Games.

So who are our star bowlers?

Australian Commonwealth Games Bowls Women’s Team:


Karen Murphy (43, Cabramatta, NSW)


Lead: Kelsey Cottrell (27, St Johns Park, NSW)

Skip: Karen Murphy


Lead: Carla Krizanic (27, Sunbury, VIC)

Second: Natasha Scott (27, Raymond Terrace, NSW)

Skip: Rebecca Van Asch (29, Invermay, TAS)*


Lead: Kelsey Cottrell

Second: Carla Krizanic

Third: Rebecca Van Asch

Skip: Natasha Scott

Australian Commonwealth Games Bowls Men’s Team:


Aaron Wilson (26, Cabramatta, NSW)*


Lead: Brett Wilkie (43, Club Helensvale, QLD)

Skip: Aaron Wilson


Lead: Barrie Lester (35, Mulgrave Country Club, VIC)

Second: Nathan Rice (38, Club Helensvale, QLD)

Skip: Aron Sherriff (32, Club Helensvale, QLD)


Lead: Barrie Lester

Second: Brett Wilkie

Third: Nathan Rice

Skip: Aron Sherriff

Australian Commonwealth Games Bowls Para-sport Team:

Vision-impaired pairs

Lead: Lynne Seymour (67, Thuringowa, QLD, Director: Robert Seymour)*

Skip: Jake Fehlberg (23, Burleigh Heads, QLD, Director: Grant Fehlberg)*

Athletes with a disability triples

Lead: Joshua Thornton (36, East Shepparton, VIC)*

Second: Tony Bonnell (50, Brighton, QLD)

Skip: Ken Hanson (68, City Colac, VIC)*


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