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Don’t let mould take hold

While synthetic greens are a cost-effective bowling green solution, they still require regular maintenance to help curb the growth and spread of algae, moulds and organic matter that can cause irreparable damage to the green if left unchecked.

Keeping your playing surface in top condition will keep your members happy and ensure visiting bowlers will return to your venue.

On-going regular maintenance will also protect your substantial investment.

“You should try to eradicate unwanted biological growth as soon as it occurs and aim to prevent future outbreaks on your green,” Bowling Green Supplies (BGS) director, Jane Metcalfe said.

“Once mould takes hold it can be difficult to get the staining out of synthetic surfaces; we can assist through discussing a system to treat mould should it occur, but prevention is better than a cure.”

BGS will need to know your installation company to ensure the products and services offered are applicable.

Jane says to stop mould in its tracks, remove mould staining, and prevent regrowth it generally takes three initial steps.

An ongoing maintenance regime is then key.

“If you have mould, we can outline a one-off, three-step process to treat and clean the growth from your carpet,” she said.

“This includes the use of three different chemicals designed to soften the organic matter, clean the spores from the carpet, then finally and most importantly to protect the surface”.

This three-step process may include a hot water extraction depending on the condition of your green.

“If a hot water extraction is required, we can recommend an accredited carpet cleaner, in most metropolitan areas, to prevent inadvertent damage to the green.

“Never use a high-pressure hose!

“The application of the protector chemical is critical, as is the on-going application of this product.

“We recommend that you continue to use the protector quarterly as it provides not only on-going protection from future outbreaks, but also assists with the fading of organic staining in the weave (see testimonial).”

Although an absolute guarantee cannot be given regarding the complete removal of staining in the weave, all of our clients who have completed these steps have realised a successful outcome. 


“We encountered widespread mould on our outdoor synthetic bowling green surface,” Woodglen greens keeper said.

“Bowling Green Supplies outlined our initial treatment regime, and arranged the chemicals, hot water extraction services, an on-going maintenance regime and supplied the Safety Data Sheets”.

“Although the mould staining did not disappear immediately, by following the recommended maintenance program the mould has now completely disappeared. Our photos are taken one year apart”.

“We recommend the advice and services provided by Bowling Green Supplies.” 

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