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Dumpers risk being banned

In 2017 Bowls Australia and Bowls Queensland issued a strong reminder to all bowlers about their Greens Protection Policy or “No Dumping” Policy.

In 2018, here in North Queensland we are again reminded of this common sense policy. Our North Mackay Bowls Club has just forked out $500,000 for a new carpet playing surface for eight of our existing rinks. The club has used this not insignificant expenditure to remind all our bowlers of the “No Dumping” policy.

I am sure throughout Australia, many clubs whether grass or carpets are plagued by the curse of the “dumping bowler”! We all know them well. During social play and competitions, you can hear the “thump” even from adjacent rinks as the bowl is delivered somewhere from waist to knee height onto the green. The resulting long-term damage to both ends of the rink is substantial. It is most frustrating to see a good delivery, good line, and good length suddenly swerve off bias and go completely in another direction from the jack!

The accepted standard is the bowl should be delivered no more than 150mm or 6 inches (in old currency!) above the green. Now here is the quandary. It might be assumed that able bodied bowlers are the obvious culprits and to correct this, our club is issuing a caution, then a final warning and suggesting a few “refresher” sessions with a club coach or be banned from bowling! Highly recommended too is the option to move to a bowling arm. As a coach who uses a bowling arm, I have seen “dumpers” completely cured by switching to an arm. I do not recommend the use of a dump mat.

Unfortunately, arm bowlers can also be guilty of “dumping” caused generally by early or late release from the arm during delivery sequence. I strongly recommend an arm dumper seek out a coach who uses an arm and spend some time reviewing their bowling action and delivery technique.

If like me you gain so much enjoyment from our ancient game, then respect the grass and carpet, lovingly looked after by green keepers and often volunteers from the club. Your dumping, usually a result of your vanity or failure to acknowledge your physical limitations, can often spoil the game for many others. I call on all fair-minded bowlers, with or without arms to have a quiet word with the “dumpers” in your club and protect our precious playing surfaces.

by The Bionic Bowler

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