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Feeling the heat. From the editor


Things are cooling down in Brisbane, which means that hopefully you can spend more time outdoors without flagging under that heat. Have you been feeling the heat? After visiting a few clubs during the heat of the day, I was surprised to see some people having a roll up with no hat. Even more were casually mentioning that they’d forgotten their sunblock. After questioning a couple of bowlers about being on the green with no hat, it seems that some players find wearing a hat annoying and it distracts them from their game.

It really does pose a wider question. Why, especially in Queensland, are there so few clubs with covered outdoor greens?

The costs to cover a green are prohibitive for most clubs. Although it’s wonderful to see that some clubs have managed to win grants to cover their greens, we need to push for more funding for this purpose.

How can we encourage people to get active, be social and remain competitive throughout the year when it is too uncomfortable being outdoors? Never mind the risk of sun exposure and dehydration. Most of the bowlers I’ve been in contact with have toughened up to the elements (their words).  Although I wonder – how many others have decided that playing bowls outdoors with no sun protection for hours on end, is too much bother?

I’ve been amazed at the stamina and enthusiasm of the players I’ve met, but how many more players would our clubs attract by providing at least some covered playing area.

I expect that many clubs have some savvy members who can be tasked with seeking grants. Even more members could be tasked with raising awareness of the need for shade for their club and bowling in general.

Raising awareness by a visit to your local member, some letters to local council, applications to government departments and assistance from funded community programs might eventually make a difference. Our Government promotes a healthy, active lifestyle while being safe from the sun, so it may be the perfect time to start pushing for more funding in this area.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic and please send any images of your bowlers playing under cover to

Until next time,

Jo Grey



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