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Independent testers find half of lawn bowls not up to standard

BArry Cox the Lawn Bowls Doctor warns that your lawn bowls may not be up to standard

Two of Australia’s independent bowls testing operators, Barry Cox from ‘The Bowls Doctor’ in Queensland, and Greg Sherman from ‘The Bowling Arm’ in Victoria, have found that there has been a rise in the number of bowls which fail to comply with World Bowls’ set standards.

They are encouraging players to get their bowls checked regularly, as often as every five years. Normal use can wear the running surface of the bowl and can straighten the run, causing the bias to become non-compliant.

In modern narrower sets of bowls this has become more common, as there is very little margin to the legal bias.

Bowls are also deemed to be non-compliant when all four bowls in a set fail to draw in a within a five centimetre grouping on a testing table.

Recent results compiled from 388 sets tested by Cox and Sherman revealed that more than half of the bowls tested failed to adhere to the World Bowls standard which is required to be approved for competition.

For those sets that don’t comply, Barry and Greg are then able to rectify the issue and re-stamp each bowl with a registered World Bowls Stamp, which under the Laws of The Sport Of Bowls, authorises the bowls to be used in all games.

Every tester in the world, which includes six Australian-based organisations, has a testing table to ensure the correct weight and line of competition bowls. Testers are provided with a master bowl by the World Bowls Board, which no individual bowl can draw less than.

The World Bowls master bowl is run down the table first, followed by the other four bowls that are being tested, which must all draw to at least the master bowl, not less than it, and must fall within a five-centimetre radius of the last bowl when drawn as a full set.

A licensed World Bowls Tester can test, repair and refurbish sets of bowls, and applies the World Bowls Stamp to validate that the bowl/s complies with all regulations and specifications of World Bowls.

Source: Bowls Australia

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