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April 6, 2018
Aaron Wilson celebrates at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
Commonwealth Games wrap-up
May 1, 2018

Who’s the man behind the Jackaroos?

Jackaroos coach Steve Glasson (pic: Bowls Australia)

Jackaroos coach, Steve Glasson was the first Australian to be the world’s number one men’s singles champion and to date, he has won in excess of 100 events and has represented Australia on more than 300 occasions.

In 2000 Glasson was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for his playing and coaching achievements. He was inducted into the Bowls Australia Hall of Fame in 2011. He was further honoured in 2012, awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM).

He replaced Rex Johnston in 2011 as the Bowls Australia national coach and is coaching the Jackaroos to what we all hope are some fantastic wins.

As of today at midday, 9 April, our men’s triples have won silver medals at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and there is more play to come! The visually-impaired team of Lynne Seymour and Jake Fehlberg is on top-form while the Aussie bowlers with a disability team of Josh Thornton, Tony Bonnell and Ken Hanson have claimed their third sectional victory and will play against New Zealand tomorrow.

We’re going for gold with our women’s fours Kelsey Cottrell, Carla Krizanic, Rebecca Van Asch and Natasha Scott who are playing against South Africa.

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