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May 21, 2017
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June 3, 2017

Wellington Point Ladies Club records tumble in championship pairs

Ladies bowls record holders

The recent Club Championship Pairs Final at the Wellington Point Ladies Bowls Club saw two new club records.

Ree Patterson (Lead) and Noela Kopelke (Skip) won the Club Championship Pairs title for the fifth time. Their win was a thrilling and nail biting final against Sue Teitzel and Dell Batten.

It was a close game. There was only a 2-shot difference on the 16th end until Ree and Noela picked up a 3, a 4 and another 3 on the next few ends, to give them a 12-shot lead going into the 20th end.  Sue and Dell picked up 3 shots on the 20th end which gave Ree and Noela a winning lead of 9 shots. The opposition conceded defeat with only one end to play.

What a great game of bowls it was, not only for the players, but all the spectators who had gathered to watch this final. The head was changing with just about every bowl that came down the green and into the head with all spectators applauding every bowl.

In winning the 2017 Club Championship Pairs, Ree and Noela broke the Club record for the most number of wins in the Club Championship Pairs with the same partner.  They have now won this title for the fifth time after they first teamed up. The pair first won in 2012, followed by wins in 2013, 2014, 2015 and now 2017. Ree and Noela didn’t compete in 2016.

The club record was previously held by the mother and daughter combination of Linda Stollznow and Dell Batten. They had won the Club Championship Pairs four times with their first win in 1998 and their last in 2002.

Noela has another Club Record under her belt after previously winning the Club Championship Pairs five times with different partners.  By teaming up with Ree Patterson in 2012, Noela now holds the Club record of 10 Club Championship Pairs titles.

Ree’s bowling talents run in the family. “Mum and Dad were wonderful bowlers and I would love to emulate my Mum’s success in Club Championship Pairs. But I feel that this will never happen during my bowling career,” Ree said.

“My Mum, Betty, played for the Camden District Women’s Bowling Club (NSW).

“Besides many Club Championships, Mum and her bowling partner, Ellen Rowland, won the Club Championship Pairs 13 times! Their first win was in 1966 and their last in 1990, including a winning streak of five years running.

“That’s quite an achievement for anybody, but to win with the same partner for all those years is remarkable.”

It wasn’t until 2013, following their Club Championship Pairs win that they went through with a convincing win in the Gateway District Champion of Club Champions Pairs.  Following this win, Ree and Noela advanced through to the Brisbane Zone Champion of Club Champion Pairs. Once again they came away with a great victory, putting them into the State Champion of Club Champion Pairs.  This would also be the very first time that any lady members from Wellington Point Ladies Bowls Club ever reached this level.  Although Ree and Noela did not have success in this event, they were still over the moon to be competing at such a high level. It was a great experience.

They competed in the Gateway District Champion of Club Champion Pairs in 2014 without success.  But in 2015, they won and advanced to the Brisbane Zone Champion of Club Champion Pairs. This time they were Runners-Up (more records for the Club).

After starting lawn bowls in 1994, Noela has a phenomenal 26 ladies Club Championship titles to her name. These include Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours, Novice and Consistency which is also a club record for Wellington Point Ladies Bowls Club.

Ree, who started playing in 2009, has a commendable 13 Club Championship titles to her name. Her titles range through Novice, “B” Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and “A” and “B” Consistency.

As well as these ladies Club Championship titles, both Ree and Noela also have many other wins. These include Club Mixed Championships, Pennants, Gateway District events, State District Sides and the Taylor Bowls Super Challenge.

Noela and Ree are truly a formidable pair of lady bowlers who not only love their lawn bowls, but are proud to be playing for the Wellington Point Ladies Bowls Club.

Ladies bowls record breakers

Wellington Point Ladies Club record breakers Ree Patterson (left) and Noela Kopelke.

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