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April 6, 2018
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April 9, 2018

Letter to editor

Letter to editor

Dear Editor,

I am fed up of the blatant disregard for non-meat eaters shown by bowls clubs with regards to their meat tray raffles, the organisers of the raffles do nothing to cater for vegetarian and vegan bowlers.

Every week I have to feel as if I am a second class citizen unable to participate in the raffle, I’ve raised this with the organisers on many occasions but it just falls on deaf ears every time or even worse is simply laughed off, so far nothing has changed at my club.

Not everyone supports the systematic slaughter of animals, so fellow members can have a chance of winning a weekly “tray of death and murder” which is paraded around in front of people like myself.

I think it is only fair for more inclusive options to be offered instead which would mean everybody could be allowed to participate.

I would like organisers to consider this next time they are getting ready for a raffle, it is after all 2018 and we as a society should be more progressive with our raffle prizes.


B. Hollis


  1. Robert says:

    Bowling clubs are no place for vegans

  2. Frizz says:

    Scientists have proven plants shriek and react to being killed too.
    Raffles are just raffles. Choose to enter or not but I get that your personal views about meat eaters is affecting your participation in a raffle.

    My personal views about smokers polluting the air I breathe while trying to enjoy a game of bowls and sending me off the green and maybe to hospital because of it are strong too and have real health implications but that doesn’t change either. The smokers still chain smoke every end even whilst watching my son and I struggle to breathe and suck in copious amounts of ventolin just trying not to keel over.

    Nor do the lack of opportunities for women to be accepted on equal terms for certain competitions when they work mid week seem to be embraced by the vast majority of male bowlers.

    Again there are lots of issues that need to progress into our current culture despite many people trying.

    I am sorry to hear you were laughed at for a fair enough view and request. That should not happen to anyone with a fair request. Perhaps they just make so much more money from the meat trays than Veges? But they should run one concurrently to see or test out if it is worth running vegan raffles too so that people who want to gamble in this way can feel better about doing it. Otherwise go down to your local vegetable shop and spend the money you would on weekly raffles and see what you get each month compared to what you win back. Maybe the raffles just are not worth it after all?

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