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October 31, 2017
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Turning 100 on Melbourne Cup Day

Frank Brikin

Lawn bowler turns 100 on Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day 2017 sees avid lawn bowler Francis (Frank) Walter Birkin turn 100. Frank was born on 7 November 1917 in a private hospital at Clyde, Sydney just one year before the end of WW1. Frank started playing bowls in 1964 in Sydney, before moving to Tweed Heads 23 years later and joining Tweed Heads Bowls Club.

When Tweed Heads BC’s Publicity Officer, Bernie Fletcher asked to interview Frank, he said, “Why me? I am just another nobody”. Bernie’s responded with “No way, you are definitely a “somebody”’. (See page 8 in the October Bowls Plus for the full feature story).

Nearly two years ago, Frank was forced to succumb to using a “bowlers arm” and he is revered in the club with what he calls his
“new toy”. Approaching his second century with gusto, Frank is always ready to learn new things. To keep up with technology, Frank decided about five years ago to start using a computer and had lessons so he could communicate with anybody and everybody. Recently, Frank was required to have a driver’s test and he passed the assessment with flying colours to continue with an unrestricted drivers licence. May he continue in good health and bowling for many years to come.

(See page 8 in the October Bowls Plus for the full feature story).

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