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February 15, 2020
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NSW unification

The Bowls NSW Board of Directors advises its members that it was recently invited to hold discussions regarding a possible unification with Women’s Bowls NSW.

An initial meeting to discuss unification was to be held
on 16th January 2020, however, this was postponed by Women’s Bowls NSW due to the issue of Dual Registrations for members and registered players remaining unresolved. Women’s Bowls NSW advised Bowls NSW that commencement of unification talks would be subject to a number of non-negotiable conditions being agreed to by Bowls NSW.

The Bowls NSW Board were agreeable to most conditions set out by the Women’s Bowls NSW Board, including
the meeting taking place at Women’s Bowls NSW’s
offices or a mutually agreed venue, the matter of Dual Registration being resolved prior to unification discussions commencing, appointing an independent chair/facilitator, recording each meeting and that strict confidentiality in relation to the content of the meeting(s) would be observed by both parties.

The Bowls NSW Board rejected just one of the conditions, concerning the proposed exclusion of the Bowls NSW CEO from all discussion on Dual Registration and unification. As the employed executive and Company Secretary of the Association, the Bowls NSW Board believed it was unreasonable that the CEO would not be present and involved in these discussions.

Subsequently, Women’s Bowls NSW has advised Bowls NSW of its decision to abandon the scheduled meeting on 14th February 2020 due to this condition being rejected by Bowls NSW.

As such, Bowls NSW advises members that while it remains open to entering unification discussions with Women’s Bowls NSW and believes this to be in the best interests of the sport, it appears that an agreeable position between the organisations cannot be reached at this point in time.

Bowls NSW remains committed to increasing both male and female participation in the sport and will continue to focus energies on providing these opportunities.

What you’re saying about this online:

Chris: I find it interesting now that the WBNSW has released
a memo stating that a meeting was ‘suggested’ only, and they
feel it was a conflict of interest to have the CEO of Bowls NSW present. How can having the Company Secretary and paid Executive of the Organisation to be any form of conflict, if anything it is good governance by Bowls NSW Board to involve all concerned parties and WBNSW should do the same (if they have any executives). The sooner that WBNSW realises that Bowls NSW is trying to do something POSITIVE for the entire sport, then maybe we will be able to progress. At the moment there seems to be an agenda to hold it back for unknown reasons, which is yet to be addressed or given reason for. All I see are attempts to stop and/or make things more difficult for women in our sport.

Lorraine: I am registered with both clubs. If the women don’t get their act together I will be only registering with the men next year as I can’t see the women being viable on their own.

Anne: Well I definitely won’t be registering with Women’s NSW next year. I can’t get over how they can still be stuck in the Victorian era with their attitude. Being an ex SA bowls member and with one body for the last 20 yrs NSW is a joke to their female members.

Robert: Great. Politics in bowls. Just what we need. I’ve never understood why bowls is a segregated sport. My daughter was interested but when she found out she couldn’t play with me she gave it up. SORT IT OUT!!!

Trish: Well I’m all for no change as many of us are. I know there’s many who won’t agree but it’s my opinion.

Isabel: Just wish everyone could work together and get their act together. Bowlers are the ones suffering.

John: I am amazed that this has stalled because of the demand that the CEO of RNSWBA not be involved in certain areas. He is ultimately the person responsible for the running of the business so he should be involved in all discussions. Surely if WBNSW still had a CEO they would expect that person to be involved in all aspects of the business, that is what they are paid for.

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