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World Masters Games 2017 in New Zealand
February 27, 2017
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March 4, 2017

Parents and bowling – the best thing I ever did

lawn bowling with your parents

Debbie Dalston with her Dad and Kurt Brown

How often do you get to play bowls with your parents?

After watching my Mum, Dad and brother play bowls for years and represent their districts in the sport, I decided to join them. I have been playing bowls now for just over three years and it’s the best thing I ever did.

I played netball for 35 years and in the end, it was taking me longer to strap before a game than to play.

Take up bowls

My parents kept saying that I should take up bowls and so that’s what I did.

I walked into the Kallangar Bowls Club where I was made to feel so welcome, and after a few lessons was playing.

My Mum and Dad still come and watch me play. I remember the first game of mine that they watched. They came down to Brisbane from their home on the Sunshine Coast and were very excited that I took this great game up. Knowing that they are good bowlers, I really wanted to impress them.  Guess what? I delivered my very first bowl with a wrong bias. I nearly died from embarrassment, but salvaged the moment and said that I had done it on purpose.

Greatest memory

My greatest memory, which I will treasure forever, is being able to play bowls with my parents. Unfortunately, my Mum now is not well so has put the bowls away for a little while. However, we’re hoping she can get back out on the green soon.

My dad plays for Mooloolaba and still plays Pennants Div 2 at 83 years of age. Dad and I have played mixed pairs on quite a few occasions and have won money!

Everyone comments when Dad and I play.  Whenever he delivers a great bowl, I clap and say, “Great bowl Dad!”.

Other bowlers say, “How good is it to be able to play with your Dad?”.

One day, I hope to be a good player like my Mum and Dad. In the meantime, I am encouraging my children to take up bowls, the greatest game ever!

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