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July 28, 2018
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August 4, 2018

The South Australian SUPER LEAGUE is here!

After much anticipation, the Bowls SA Super League has started. The league promises to be a state-wide, dynamic, fast-paced format of the game, which clearly defines the journey from local club to state and national pathways.

Bowls SA says the competition will help fill a void at the state-wide elite competition level and will assist in elite pathway selection, as well as providing quality competition to challenge players and help improve their performance.

The competition will be unlike any other event on the Bowls SA calendar, with eight newly established statewide teams formed, and each affiliated bowling club in South Australia being aligned with one of these teams to act as feeder clubs.

This serves the purpose of assisting country clubs or metropolitan clubs without a high-grade pennant side to retain their best available talent, as the individual players can play in the best competition in the state, whilst being based out of their home club.

Bowls SA believes the league will be a much more attractive proposition for potential advertisers while at the same time acting as a great promotion for the sport itself.

The competition has players from all over the State and we hope that it will attract spectators from all different corners of South Australia too,” Bowls SA operations manager Erin Haines said.

“The game day experience will provide a fantastic opportunity to get up close to the action from your local teams, paired with a great atmosphere, food and beverages.”

Some of the concepts of the competition include:

Squad Format:
-State-based league with eight teams associated with geographical areas
-Teams consist of 12 Players per squad (Gender balance of minimum of three each gender)
– Each team must have a minimum six players from its aligned region or zone (including a minimum two from country and metro clubs respectively). These will be the Marquee Players for each team.
– Six players will be selected in the live player draft, with all members in the state, available to nominate for the draft. This is where teams will be able to select the best available talent from outside their geographical area.
– Within the draft, two players drafted by each team must be Under 18 Players.
– Each Player selected in a squad must play a minimum of one of the seven games
-Each team will have an accredited coach for the team to make squad selections, select weekly teams, select playing positions, be the main point of contact for the team and develop players in the squad.

Match Day:
– All matches for the inaugural season will be based out of the Salisbury Bowling Club and played at their magnificent undercover facility.
– Six players per team on match days, playing in Singles, Pairs & Triples disciplines
– Game Format:
Singles – 18 ends
Pairs – 18 ends (3×3 pairs)
Triples – 18 ends (2 bowl triples)
– Teams play for Overall Scoreboard as well as rink scoreboards.
– Power-play (double shots) for each team (two each for the game)
– No dead ends, re spot on the T

Exciting Concepts:
– Live player draft recorded directly to the Bowls SA Facebook page
-Live streaming of games each week directly to the Bowls SA Facebook page
-A Weekly SA Super League show broadcast directly to the Bowls SA Facebook page to cover results/ match preview & selections for the upcoming week
– Write ups and advertising covered on all the Bowls SA website, Facebook & weekly e-newsletter.
– A league best & fairest award
– A higher integration of stats
– A tipping competition

South Eastern Spartans
Scott Binns, Tony Devlin, Blake Fiebig, Ken Holtham, Jodi Kotz, Darryl Stopp, Tyson Wilson, Nathan Black, Danyon Greenslade, Vicki Arbon, Jake Prior, Alex Reynolds
Coach: Deanna Amos

Western Rogues
Sam Dietrich, Simon Geater-Johnson, Max Kleinig, Ash Klose, Josh Studham, Corey Wildash, Kate Argent-Bowden, Jayden Zeller, Jackie Field, Di Murch, Brady Slater, Marty Moloney
Coach: Mike Wildash

Northern Knights
Todd Brand, Breeanna Johnson, Luke Pietersma, Matthew Short, Bernie Ward, Darren Warner, Kane Coulls, Jack Trenorden, Yvonne Kelly, Cooper Hocking, Karin Lynch, Brent Marshall
Coach: Geoff Brand

Mallee Pirates
Simon Dorr, Adam Forbes, Andrew Hill, Gary Meekoms, Gary Thompson, Bailey Rafferty, Cath Greenslade, Lucy Tiller, Matthew Freebairn, David Carter, Josh Thompson
Coach: John Morris

Heysen Comets
Damon Edmunds, Ben Harris, Cassandra Harvey, Ian Miller, Darren Niblett, Scott Thulborn, Grace Moloney, Jackie Gardiner, James Gregory, Josh Chopin, Matthew Armitage, Ashley Halls Coach: Scott Hocking

Eastern Raiders
Duane Edwards, Chris Flavel, Michael Lodge, Laini McGorman, Mitch Percy, Tony Treloar, Carl Schapel, Sheridon Bodnar, Chris Thulborn, Jackson Saunders, Tony Lucas, Steve Grant
Coach: Steve Grant

Southern Blazers
Dylan Lewis, Steph Clarke, Ben Fidock, Gavin Pfeiffer, Brenton Speed, Ashley Whiley, Marc Evans, Karen Gatto, Harry Burgess, Theresa Emberton, Justin Parkinson, Geoff Munn
Coach: Lynton Modra

Central Chargers
Ben Bowman, Renata Callisto, Adrian Green, Mark Haines, Craig Mills, Wayne Ruediger, Steven Dennis, Helen Minhard, Fergus Rowntree, Patria McGrath, Kane Goldsworthy, Ewen Graham
Coach: Roy Palmer

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