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March 1, 2020
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Tips for a bowls club’s open day

"MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 01: Fun, excitement and the social side of bowling is seen on the bowling green on March 1, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)"

Here are six quick tips to help make your club’s open day event even better!

Tip 1:

The open day shouldn’t be about hard selling bowls to the unconverted!

Make sure to keep the coaching informal, you don’t want to be instructing them constantly as this can become a detractor to some.

Show them the basic rules of the sport and how to hold the bowl and then let them enjoy the game and be on hand to offer tips and advice if needed.

The idea should be to allow people to enjoy the game without too much formality and then want to come back again to the club to play some more.

Tip 2:

The most successful ‘Come & Try Days’ are the ones which provide visitors with enticing incentives!

A free sausage sizzle will always draw in a crowd!

Remember that it’s important to make sure you have allowed for marketing expenses in your budget, this will enable you to get the word out into your local community about you open day.

Tip 3:

You may want to have a different format, but small games would work best for non-bowlers as they may not want to play a full-length game, a short and sweet game would give visitors a taste of competitive bowls.

You could invite them to play in a small social competition with a small entry fee (between $1 to $5), the money could then be used as prize money in a condensed competitive game over three ends.

Tip 4:

We suggest playing music on the day as this helps create a better atmosphere which can lead to better takings at the bar!

If your club doesn’t have speakers you could always borrow some from a fellow club member or even hire some for the day.

It’s important to make sure you play music which suits your visitors demographic.

Tip 5:

Online advertising

One of the cheapest forms of advertising is through targeted paid Facebook advertisements, you can potentially target thousands of people in the local area around your club for less than $100. You can also encourage current members of

the club to share the ad on their personal Facebook page for free to help increase the reach of your advert, as well as posting on the club’s own page and on local community group pages.

Tip 6:

Advertising with TV/Radio stations and Newspapers:

Try and see if you can get a small shout out for free from local media outlets about your day, it’s also a good idea to invite them along to the event as they may come down to cover it as a news story which will help provide the club with extra press and exposure.

Any story you can get about your club is free advertising!

You may find that the more metropolitan

news outlets will be less interested in covering your event, but if you can try and sell the story to them as a “local club rallying for community support at a time when many clubs are closing” you may find them to be more receptive.

The more compelling and newsworthy your story is, the more likely they are to cover the event, phrasing it simply as an “intro to bowls day” will probably result in the outlet not being as keen to cover it.

It’s important to make sure the story captures the journalist’s attention and that you make it easy for them to write about.

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