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May 21, 2017
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May 21, 2017

Update from The Bionic Bowler

Bionic Bowler

The Bionic Bowler with the Australian Singles Representatives

As I mentioned in my last article, the Bionic Bowler has moved to Mackay in north Queensland. I am now playing bowls at the North Mackay Bowls Club (NMBC).

This club is really a “home away from home” for me. It has two large covered areas with 16 carpet rinks, very like my old club at Pine Rivers in Brisbane.

Unfortunately I can now only play at weekends due to work commitments. But I have been made very welcome at NMBC. Interestingly, an unsubstantiated fact shared with me says “NMBC has the largest number of Arm Bowlers per head of members in Queensland.” Certainly through observation, I would support the fact that there are a significant number of Arm Bowlers in the club.

Novice no more!

My original label within bowls of being a “novice” is rapidly fading. I am very fortunate in being able to improve my bowls and any credibility as a novice is totally rejected. This is because I regularly take on and defeat bowlers with decades of experience. Naturally, at many clubs, this “success” is put down to the use of my BIONIC ARM. Luckily at NMBC, so many bowlers use arms that it would be inappropriate to berate and criticize one of their own!

Cyclone Debbie

For those in the southern regions of our great country, central Queensland recently suffered through Cyclone Debbie. The cyclone devastated many towns along the coast and islands in the beautiful Whitsundays. Mother nature then demonstrated her perverse natural justice again. She sent cyclonic winds and heavy rain to southeast Queensland and northern NSW. My thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery go to everyone affected.

Although not reported in the mainstream media, I can imagine many bowls clubs and immaculate greens were destroyed by the flooding. Hopefully our sport will pull together and the State and National bodies will offer assistance to clubs in order that members can resume their chosen game as soon as possible. To imagine that some playing surfaces will be heavy for many weeks is probably an understatement.

As an Arm Bowler and now ex-novice, the challenge of long ends would be significant. I used to struggle in a pennant game on an open grass after rain. I’m not too sure how I would cope after a flooded rink! And for the clubs who are hosting a club, which plays on carpet – we know you always water the green the night before!

As we head into pennant season and Club Championships, I again ask all fair minded bowlers to embrace their Arm Bowlers as contributing to the health of their Club and sport.



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